June 25, 2017

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Fares Effective July 1, 2009

One-Way Regular


One-Way Discounted


All-Day Pass


Ticket Book (15) Regular


Ticket Book (15) Discounted *


Monthly Pass (Regular)


Monthly Pass (Student)


Monthly Pass (Discounted)*


* Discounted fares available for elderly (65+) and disabled persons. Students are excluded.

Distance-Based Zone Fare System

Passengers traveling within one (1) zone will be required to pay the base fare.  Passengers wishing to travel into another zone will be required to pay an additional $0.25 per zone.


  • Zone 1 – Between San Andreas and Valley Springs
  • Zone 2 – Between San Andreas and Jackson
  • Zone 3 – Between San Andreas and West Point
  • Zone 4 – Between San Andreas and Angels Camp
  • Zone 5 – Between Angels Camp and Copperopolis
  • Zone 6 – Between Angels Camp and Arnold
  • Zone 7 – Between Angels Camp and Columbia College

For example, a passenger traveling from Valley Springs to Arnold would pay the base one-way fare of $2.00 for travel in Zone 1, an additional zone fare of $0.25 to travel through Zone 4, and an additional zone fare of $0.25 to travel through Zone 6, for a total one-way fare of $2.50.  The return trip would also be $2.50 as the passenger will be traveling through all 3 zones to return to Valley Springs.

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Calaveras Transit is operated by the Calaveras County Department of Public Works and funded through the Transportation Development Act.
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